There is a lot of mystery surrounding Japanese geishas and I have long been fascinated by with what is called the essence of a Geisha. There is the common misconception that Geishas are courtesans but the direct translation of the word “Geisha” is actually “Artist”. These women are trained not just in traditional Japanese arts such as music and dancing but are also trained how to sit, move, speak and observe.

To me the essence of a geisha is within their elegance, fluidity, femininity and subtle sex appeal. Elegance and femininity is without doubt two of the most important qualities I continuously strive to attain and display as a woman. I have also always been taught through my Asian heritage that women should be flexible and fluid like water. We can adapt to any environment or situation and adjust ourselves according to the company we are with.

“Water… changes shape and flows around things, and finds the secret paths no one else has thought about — the tiny hole through the roof or the bottom of the box. There’s no doubt it’s the most versatile of the five elements.”

Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

In our modern society and particularly in the Western world, it seems that dressing provocatively and in a revealing manner is the equivalent of sexy. I, however, believe far more in the subtle practices of seduction through mental stimulation and a small display of skin but in the right areas. A soft whisper or a hint of skin allows for so much more imagination of the sweetness to come. Don’t you think?

| Photography by Austin Donohue |

Red Robe by Louvery

Gloves by Valentino

Belt by Bordelle

Studded Boots by Christian Louboutin

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