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You’ll typically find me talking about why you should embrace your feminine side and sensuality here on my blog – and it’s because I truly believe there’s more than sex appeal when it comes to all of the above.


I believe all women should embrace their feminine side and sensuality because it’s not only about “being sexy for someone else” – but being confident in your skin, feeling good about your body, and being unapologetic about it. This is something all women deserve to feel good about. Obviously those things can come in various forms for different women, but I strongly believe you should never pass judgement on what one deems feminine and sensual for themselves. For me, that comes in the form of lace, silk, sheer stockings – and really, all things seductive. I really took this notion to heart back in Paris, which became the inspiration for this look.


Corset and Stockings (Similar) by Agent Provocateur
Mesh Robe by Chantal Thomass (Similar here)
Patent Pumps by Christian Louboutin

Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Black Corset and Sheer Stockings | in Paris |

To give you more reasons to embrace your feminine side, I thought I’d walk you through how I do it for myself.

Find what moves you internally

Back in this post, I spoke about how I discovered Dita Von Teese and became mesmerized by everything she stood for. I always thought it might be a bit of a taboo to express what I knew to be my feminine side with sexy lingerie – especially coming from a conservative Chinese culture. I’ve since learned that there’s nothing embarrassing about wanting to show that side of me by wearing and showcasing lingerie – especially when it moves me internally and puts me at my best.

The first step is always finding what that means for you and then figuring out how you can express it. This black corset with the lace detailing in the back and sheer thigh-high stockings represent the culmination of those things for me.

Drown out the naysayers

There will always be people who don’t appreciate what you do. I understand that a sexy vixen look isn’t for everyone – and that there’s even a stigma of being weak and pretentious. However, if I’m being true to my voice, inner feelings, and aesthetic, nothing else matters. If you find yourself seeking outside permission or validation, you should question if what you’re doing is true to who you are.

Put effort into the everyday

I have no reservations or qualms about expressing myself through lingerie and all things sexy. In general, I believe everyone should put effort into how they look everyday, which is why you’ll often find me wearing heels with my makeup, hair, and nails done. However, in the case of embracing your feminine side, I’m never shy about wearing lingerie out (and also here) or bearing a little skin.

Even if I’m wearing lingerie for myself, taking the time to get ready is part of embracing that feminine side. I’ll usually take my time in front of the mirror, perfecting my lipstick, and even slipping on sexy heels. I love roses and candles and will always have those things around me.

I honestly believe there is metamorphic power in lingerie. Something about it forces you to connect with your sensuality and take control of your femininity. It’s something we all should own and try. However, if that’s not for you, then find what it is and don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Sexy Lingerie and Sheer Robe | in Paris |

Black Corset Robe and Sheer Stockings | in Paris |

Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Black Corset Sheer Stockings and Christian Louboutin Heels | in Paris | Ofleatherandlace.comEmbrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Black Sheer Stockings and Vinyl Heels | in Paris |
Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Getting ready in a black corset and sheer robe | in Paris |

Sheer Tight High Stockings and Patent Leather Heels | in Paris |

Black Corset with Gold Buttons | in Paris | Ofleatherandlace.comBlack Corset with Lace Up Detailing | in Paris |
Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Black Corset Red Lipstick and Sheer Robe | in Paris |

Embrace Your Feminine Side and Sensuality - Sexy Lingerie Look | in Paris |

| Photography by Austin Donohue |

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  1. I have embraced my femininity in the last few years myself. I grew up a tom boy, and as a suburban homesteader, still do things that are mostly male things, like splitting wood, home and animal housing maintenance, cleaning the chicken coop, etc. But I also work a full time office job, and I now wear dresses and skirts everyday. When I need stockings, I do either a corset or a garter belt, so I can have sexy stockings and not restrictive pantyhose. Funny thing is I actually get hit on more now, but feel more confident about myself now and am able to steer clear of potentially problematic relationships better than I had in the past.

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