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Reimagining Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast

1991 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST I was less than 4 years old when the original Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast came out. Although I don’t remember when I first saw the movie, I remember watching it so many times over the years that I can memorize every melody and every character’s expression. I was…

Reimagining Muses: Your Beauty Mark by Dita von Teese | Of Leather and Lace Blog by Tina Lee

Reimagining Muses: Dita Von Teese, Part II

Continuing my previous post about my muse, Dita Von Teese, today I talk a little more about femininity and sensuality. I remember the few weeks after I first saw Dita’s Strip Strip Hooray show, I went on the internet and devoured every interview with Dita I could find. That’s when I began to like her for her beliefs…

Reimagining Muses: Dita von Teese | Of Leather and Lace Blog by Tina Lee

Reimagining Muses: Dita Von Teese, Part I

Today I’d like to talk about my biggest muse: Dita Von Teese – a world famous burlesque performer. Although I don’t recall when I first started following her, I remember the first Strip Strip Hooray show I’ve ever attended. In fact, I will never forget. It was my first ever burlesque show (not counting the Crazy Horse…

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Reimagining: The Essence of a Geisha

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Japanese geishas and I have long been fascinated by with what is called the essence of a Geisha. There is the common misconception that Geishas are courtesans but the direct translation of the word “Geisha” is actually “Artist”. These women are trained not just in traditional Japanese arts such…