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How to Dress for a Party in NYC

So you want to know how to dress for a party in NYC? Over the four and a half years I’ve been in New York I’ve accumulated several party-worthy outfits. And when you’re in a city like NYC, you’ll definitely need a good number of those. Share the Love!

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Take a Silk Bath at One Madison

There are many luxuries in life that I enjoy. I love the soft touch of genuine silk against my body. I love sinking my tired body into a tub of hot water, allowing the warmth to comfort my sore muscles. But perhaps the biggest luxury of all is being able to live in NYC and that’s when…

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A Serene Morning Walk

I have never set foot in a Western cemetery before. I had no idea it could be this beautiful. It was a serene morning after a day full of snow and Green-Wood Cemetery was covered in a thin layer of white snow. I couldn’t help but admire the landmark for its peacefulness and beauty. My mind wondered…

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Reimagining: The Essence of a Geisha

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Japanese geishas and I have long been fascinated by with what is called the essence of a Geisha. There is the common misconception that Geishas are courtesans but the direct translation of the word “Geisha” is actually “Artist”. These women are trained not just in traditional Japanese arts such…